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Mindful 2 is an event reminder software for Windows
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Mindful 2 is an event reminder software for Windows. The application obviously was made for personal use and it shows that in how simplistic and functional it is. The main window shows the events that you have added. You can add custom events or you can choose from a drop-down list of predefined events. When you add an event, you get choose its frequency, which is how often an item will expire and start over again. There are some sample events that come with the application. For example, "Get a new toothbrush" has a frequency of three months, which is the recommended time for you to replace your toothbrush. The items that show up on green are items that are not about to expire. Those in yellow are close to expiring, and those in red are expired. Apart from offering reminders, Mindful comes with some other useful tools. There is a date calculator, a password generator, a calendar and a countdown timer. All of them are pretty basic. But it is nice to be able to access them from a single GUI. When minimized, Mindful will go to the system tray and it will pop up when a reminder is due.

José Fernández
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  • It is simple and to the point
  • It comes with some extra tools
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